Fear and waiting in Austin

I’ve not been wanting to post about this because it might somehow jinx it – but, I’ve been waiting on news of a possible job. Some days ago I posted about X company that wouldn’t accept my resume from Y agency because it apparently had been submitted a year 1/2 ago by Z agency.
Well, Y agency went to bat for me (thanks Jen) and setup a phone interview with X company. That went very well – so I was called in for a pesonal interview. Three hours of grilling – it seemed to go very well. I don’t have all the sys admin that they might wish but I am godlike in my testing background.
That was on last Thursday. I’ve gotten a tentative thumbs up from Jen at Y agency. However, tentative thumbs up do not pay bills. I need to know what the result is. Actually, what I need is a folder full of contractual agreements and offers.
I was hoping to hear something yesterday but, when I called they told me that because of an ongoing merger everything is pretty much in chaos right now. I understand, I do.

I am just so fucking tired of having no money. We have a total of $6 to take us for the next couple of weeks. Most everything has been paid – or at least some money has been sent to them. But our mortgage was over 30 days this past month. I owe friends money. I think that, more than anything just grinds my skin off. I am also sick of dodging calls because it might be the damn creditors. And if ever we get to a more finacially stable place, I may never eat another peanut butter sandwich again. Or spaghetti. I suppose I’ve got less to bitch about than most. It doesn’t make it suck less, tho.


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