sorry for the disjointed – I’ve not been up very long

this is the bestest morning
J snuggled up with me on the couch under a blankie
C in the kitchen making crepes
sore from a night of dancing
The ‘kins playing in her room, the living room, the kitchen

I met some of C’s friends last night – people that he really likes and whose opinion matters to him. I was very nervous about meeting them, to be frank. I was hoping I made a good impression. Its a little hard to do in a club – a bit loud to be making conversation and connections. C told me later that he was pretty nervous too. I’m glad that he didn’t tell me that. I would’ve been a wreck. As it was, things seemed to flow pretty smoothly. They are incredibly cool people. I hope they liked me as much as I did them.

mmmmm…crepes with ham and cheese and a bit of sugar to balance that savory


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