Very good weekend. Thanks, Universe.

Things kicked off Saturday. We’d been invited out for a get together at Sheila and Pablo’s lake-trailer out in Burnet. The lake was a conglomeration of Inks and Buchanan and the Colorado (I think). Don’t ask me for any details on where we actually were. I have no idea and I DROVE. But the landscape was beautiful and the company, amazing.

The Boys, the Girlie and I all piled into the car with all our stuff (clothes, swimmies, towels, blankies, games, food, etc., etc.). Poor lil car damn near groaned under the weight of all of it. It certainly sat lower on its tires.

We arrived – slightly breathless from the somewhat confusing directions – and piled out of the car into the waiting arms of everyone. Drinks were handed ’round (much yumminess on the pina colodas, rum runners and fuzzy navels!).

We ate ourselves silly, drank a lot of cocktails, swam, ate some more, talked into the wee hours of the night, listened to great music (some of us even sang along). Good times. I wish we could’ve stayed the entire weekend but, we’d already committed ourselves to another engagement at our house, back in town.

We left early Sunday afternoon in order to make it back to the house for the Tal game. Another fantastic day, even though I wound up having to take some pain killers and nasuea meds. I must’ve looked a bit on the goofy side, lolling to the side on the couch and trying to remember what my char’s thought processes might be like.
J, C….do ya’ll remember? *laugh*

Sunday night we went to Elysium for the 80’s night thing. My GAWD it was packed. It made me realize what it is about humans that I truly despise: lots of them. One guy was doing his thing, arms raised over his head and splooged his sweaty, hairy guy pits on my shirt. EW, ew, ew! That was about when I decided it was time for me to go home. Erica and Robert came with us so we gots to chat more (Erica looked very cute in my shirt and shorts, eyes rolled back in her head).

Monday was a brief (very brief, wah!)Star Wars game with C running. Tammers was there (yay!) and I think everyone had a good time. *I* did, even though I was once again, half asleep on the couch.

Speaking of being sleepy…damn, I’m about to fall out right here at my desk. I wonder if anyone would notice if I skipped out of work early today?

back to your regularly scheduled update

Not much more really. Overcommitted ourselves, had a blast doing it, more of the same this week. We’re leaving Thursday night or Friday morning for A-kon (squee, joy!). I’ve taken Friday and the following Monday off; which effectively means that I’m only getting these three days for work this week. I’ve *GOT* to stay here. Unless I want to receive my check and die laughing at its miniscuality.

Is “miniscuality” a word?

Nevermind…I go now otherwise I’ll be found nose down in the keyboard. Walkies gooooooooood for sleepiness.

18 thoughts on “

  1. Don’t let me forget to give you house keys and instructions on pet sitting June 15-20th. And I need more massage. Maybe I’ll give you the instructions while you’re popping that hump off the back of my neck.

      1. Just let me know when. I am at your service.

        If I can time it right, instead of soothing music during your massage, I will play M*A*S*H (wink)

  2. mmmmm A-Kon
    my tribe wishes they could go…
    weekened went well here…saturday and sunday where extended ad&d game with a near total egyptian party…;)
    Sunday was also the great brisket smoke….turned out yummy..
    monday was a day to recover and today back to work
    enjoy A-Kon

  3. I’m jealous. 🙂 I’ve been to Inks and I miss it 😛

    Loved meeting you guys a few weeks ago, btw.

    (In case you don’t remember this is Ari 🙂 )

  4. ElysiumIffy air conditioning during the summer. The sooner it is on, the better.Sundays = always over-crowded.Sunday’s 80’s music. Madonna must die. Cyndi Lauper must die. Michael Jackson must die. 99 Red Balloons must die. All over-played and over-hyped for the level of talent 80’s music must die.The rest of the 80’s music – the songs the radio stations and press didn’t over-rate – is all good.

    1. Yeah, it was very hot and crowded. I’d forgoten how bad it could get on a holiday Sunday night.

      There is some really, really overplayed trite nasty 80’s out there. Usually the DJs on Sunday night do a pretty good job of mixing the really good with an occasional suck song for a breather.

      And Madonna? Yeah. All 80’s Madonna must go.

  5. You forgot something…

    Calel sez you missed the bit about Monday’s afternoon festivities…

      1. Re: You forgot something…

        The “Man of Steel” himself my dear, who else would know about that..?

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