For those of you who use my Yahoo IM/mail/whatever to keep track and/or chat with me

Yeah, Yahoo is borked and they aren’t saying why. I’ve contacted them – and I am getting silence for a response. I’ve not been able to check my mail in a few days, nor have I been able to login to IM.

I don’t know what is going on. When I attempt to login, it tells me my password is incorrect. I go to change it and it tells me that my information is invalid. I don’t know what is going on but I do know that I am getting highly irritated.


Miss ya’ll

((the icon is for those FINE folks at Yahoo CS))

8 thoughts on “For those of you who use my Yahoo IM/mail/whatever to keep track and/or chat with me

  1. BTDT

    I had the same problem with yahoo for a few months off and on. For a few days they wouldn’t let me check email and claimed that all my information was wrong then it’d work fine then do it again. I gave up on it and now use a different email program for my needs.

  2. I’ve had that happen with past Yahoo IDs. They’re too big to care, apparently…

    Actually, this makes me nervous. My small-business e-mail and webhosting is with Yahoo. If they bork my business ID (voiceovers), I’m boned.

    1. “J” sez…

      -Well, looks like the hacker was on Mare’s account today, starting around 11:38am, and off at 12:05pm or so. If ANYONE knows how to track down said human filth, -please- post an email or means of contact or some avenue of assistance…

      1. Re: “J” sez…

        -BTW, the hacker is STILL playing around w/Mare’s account, or the Yahoo folks have decided it’s valuable enough to steal from her…

    1. edit: i dont read gud

      if you can get the hacker to visit a webpage, you could get an IP, which you could use to get to an ISP (whois) and contact them. If you’re feeling particularly vengeful, you can probably track him down to a city using a visual tracert tool.

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