!!! Today !!!

Not in any particular order

OMG, there are over 500 bugs in queue to be verified by next week–eep—!
Oil change for mah car
Tire rotation, for same
Check/top off power steering fluid
Easter Egg scavenger hunt at work
meeting the one..building a better clue
meeting the two…input clues into tiny plastic eggs
Stand around and look bored helpful to scavenging QA engineers who are desperately looking for tiny, plastic, clue laden eggs
Take dollars to bebe-sitter for kid party happening today
Pack clothes for weekend trip with Kidlet
Did I mention? 557 bugs now! New build of software! Surprise!
Go get kidlet from bebe sitter and pry her fingers out of the carpeting to get her into car
Mention “Nonni” and “Mosey” and watch her leap into car of her own volition
Travel to DFW through Good Friday traffic
Somewhere in there, make sure to send sweet, goofy txt to cute boy-type in FL

I’m sure there’s more — but I can’t make m brain come up with them.

The upshot is that I am likely to be either slow in response time or flat out of pocket for a bit. I’ve my cell on me – and if you need me, be sure to call.

Ciao for now, babes!

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