plane Full of Boy has in fact been delayed. Again.
We are now looking at a him leaving Florida an hour before he was actually supposed to arrive here in Austin.
Or for those who prefer their news slightly less confusing — he’s been delayed for at least 3 hours.

What does this make me?
Why very, very stressed – thank you for asking. I am SO upset that my shoulders feel like they are made of I-beams and my head feels like its going to explode like some watermelon-Gallagher-prop.


I may cry.

4 thoughts on “GDI

      1. Awwww *melty*

        Glad to hear he’s on his way! 😀 One of my trips out to see Robert once got delayed for no particularly reason (no weather issues or anything at all as far as I could ever tell), and I got stuck overnight in Atlanta. I bawled and cried when I called him from the hotel to tell him what had happened. And then I never flew Delta again and went back to Contential. Heh

  1. *snuggle* Been there, dear… Jeff and I were LD for I think 6 months… which isn’t long, but I understand about the delayed flights bit. Sending all my meager magic powers his way!

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