Icon Meme-age!

I’m bored. I’m running stupid scripts and I am bored. So! Meme time (*hums MC Hammer to herself…)
*realizes what she is doing and Stops.That.Shit.Right NOW*


If you want to, comment here with your favorite icons, tell me why it’s your favorite, and what it means to you. And if you have one, put an icon that’s free for the taking up in comments, with credits. The wittier, the better. I will start with a few of mine. ’cause I can.

This is one of my favorite ones to use when I am writing of my GM escapades. Nothing says “fucking evil” quite like a smiling Grinch.

Because its Minsc; and Boo. Duh.
“Go for the eyes, Boo! Go for the eyes!”

No matter how silly she got — and boy, howdy could she get silly! – Madeline always had class.

This is my icon that I tend to use whenever I am writing of the drivers that I encounter on the highways and bi-ways. Srsly. Salt of the earth.

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