ow ow ow

Sometime in the night, gnomes showed up and beat the crap out of me. That is the only explanation as to why I woke up so freaking sore/stiff.

well, that or it was because I walked most of yesterday on one toe (due to a minor surgery on my heel)

Either way, today everything -from my earlobes down- hurts. If I had it, I would pay good money for a massage.


15 thoughts on “ow

  1. Darn gnomes! They must be the same ones who snuck into the house and pounded on me the evening after I played kickball. (I *know* it cannot be that I over-exerted myself in a kickball game.)

    1. evil, aren’t they?

      yeah; it’s probably not at all related to my wandering about on tippy toe all day and evening.
      Gotta be gnomse.

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