very brief post before re-diving into homework

Saturday evening was fantastic! Except for the part where Drunk Guy in Flannel wouldn’t leave myself (and a couple of other wimmens) alone. On the other hand, it was a great deal of fun to watch m’friends zoom in and rescue me/us from him. Esp. since I think I outweigh the Holls by a good *mumblecoughmumble* pounds.

much drinking and dancing later

Personally, I don’t think it was aggression so much as he had consumed so much alcohol that he had the attention span/short term memory of a fruit fly. Which also accounted for the buzzing noise he made when he did one of his drive-by’s.

There are more pics from the evening on my FB. Go and looooook! You know you wanna! 🙂

10 thoughts on “very brief post before re-diving into homework

  1. if i am in the club and that ever happens again, feel free to tell the guy that i am your husband and i have a nasty jealous streak and dont like you talking to other guys. i find they usually take one look at my size and find a less threatening target for their affection. but yes, i can understand his infatuation, you were looking very good sat night. it was a pleasure getting to put a face with the online persona.

    1. You are HUGE. I was trying to explain to Mister Man and I was like, “The top of my head comes up to his nipples!”

      *smilesmile* It was totally great meeting you, too!

      1. heh yeah and you arent that short.. just imagine where my 5ft tall wife’s face lands when we hug… lets just say she doesnt hug me unless i at least have boxers on

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