It’s rain, ferfucksakes

Dear dessicated cum-flakes “driving” on Mopac today.
Fuck you. It is rain. Learn to drive in it or get off the goddamn highway.

An hour and forty minutes for a thirty minute commute because you round-heels think the moisture from the sky is made of Teh Evil.

I mean, its not like we haven’t had this same conversation before.

17 thoughts on “It’s rain, ferfucksakes

  1. Living in Portland, Oregon, one would think (dangerous word, there) that the garden-variety arsebiscuits around here would learn to drive in it, but, no, alas. Every time it rains after even one day without water-from-the-sky, the entire population seems to panic.

    It, uh, rains quite a lot here in the non-summer months. Sigh.

  2. Heee hee heeeeee…

    Even in Seattle, this happens after the first rain of summer, or an odd day of rain during summer. People become full stunned by water, in a city notorious for the rain being a near constant. I lol at them, but only when I’m not stuck in their stupid traffic. I want to kill the guy at the head of the pack, crawling along, that started all of this.

    1. As opposed to “Suicidal Texas Drivers: Just Add Ice.”

      With rain, I think the average Texas driver is thinking, “Oh shit, I can’t see the road. It’s raining; I better slow down.” But they don’t understand the concept of driving at a safe speed (Speed Limits? Those are just stupid arbitrary numbers put on us by the gub’mint!), so they run at what they figure they can handle, which is about half of what the safe speed is. Much like the drunk driver who hugs the right lane, going 10 mph or more below the speed limit because he’s afraid of getting a ticket, and these rain drivers are just as dangerous and frustrating.

      In contrast are the snow and ice drivers, who because they almost never see snow or ice and/or the sky is clear when they’re driving, are thinking, “Ah, it looks fine out here. I can drive my regular 10 miles over the speed limit and nothing will happen!” (See previous parenthetical about speed limits and the gub’mint.) This of course means that they’re driving at the equivalent of a $200+ speeding ticket when they hit that patch of black ice and spin out through traffic.

      1. Like the idiot in the Penis Truck doing slow 360’s over the 360-183 flyover I saw one night coming home from work.

        Thank goodness that I came home from work at 3AM at the time. If he had done that during rush hour? Someone would have died, pushed off the bridge by his large, masculine truck of doom.

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