more dream strangeness – very disjointed and Cloverfield-ish

Wanting to write this down before I forget this latest round of brain/dream weirdness:

walking through neighborhood – the one I grew up in (for the most part)
coming alongside a building
looking for something
decide to cut through
thinking “can always tell them that I mean no harm, just cutting through. i get one of those a day”
high tension cables – like the ones that support telephone/utility poles – are alongside the building
looks like it is a church of some kind?
why does it have the support structures?
come onto front lawn
there are cottonwood looking trees
except that they are apple trees
I am hungry
couple of the apples hit the ground
walk under the limbs
and pull 3 apples off
thinking “they are there for the poor to eat so it’s OK for me to have these”
am walking along the neighborhood again
see a crowd of buzzards
veer a bit to go around whatever it is they are eating
except that it gets up
it’s Toto the dog, except white instead of black

and that is when I wake up.


3 thoughts on “more dream strangeness – very disjointed and Cloverfield-ish

  1. I dreamed of eggplants, I don’t remember why.
    And footsteps in the house – probably not eggplant circumambulation about a small nightshade shrine, but one can never be sure.
    And being chased.
    And an unwelcome visitor showing up at my house who then wouldn’t leave.
    And was woken up at redonkulously early by technological widgetry making widget-like noises.

    …is grumpy.

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