Here kittykittykitty!

— Today, I have been studying Spanish, doing laundry, packing The Girl’s bag*, and other randomalia for the past six hours. My life, she is gloriously exciting.

— I just recently started Thing 1 and Thing 2 the kitties on wet food in the evening on the advice of a vet. Supposedly, restricting kibble during the day and giving them wet food in the evening will help them lose weight. I dunno about that. That’s quite a bit of swinging kitty to try and slim down. But he also said that the fish oil in the food would help Macha’s arthritis.
At least it has made them more active. You have never see kittyScramble like when I head to the kitchen, oh, ever anymore.

MOM: *opens a can of corn for dinner prep*
THING1: *materializes out of thin air* What is that? Is it fishpaste?
MOM: No, it’s corn.
THING1: I distinctly heard a can open. That means fishpaste. Give the fishpaste to me.
MOM: Are you deaf? Corn. I am opening a can of corn.
THING1: Are you sure?
MOM: For the love of Pe…here, smell! *shows the lid to doubting FatAssCat*
THING1: Wellll, OK. But, make sure that you call when it IS fishpaste time.
MOM: (rolling eyes) No problem.
THING2: *strolling into kitchen* What’d I miss? Is there fishpaste?
THING1: I dunno. Let’s ask.
*they both turn to stare and begin the treacherous double-team figure-eight around my feet*
MOM: Cooooooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrnnnnnnnnnnnnn! (ala Kirk)

The Girl is going on a whirlwind tour of Disney this weekend. She has off Friday and Monday. She should have a great time.

I feel in need of some excitement this weekend. Not lots – but some. /plaintive.

17 thoughts on “Here kittykittykitty!

  1. Wet vs. dry has to do with calories and filler.

    Dry food has a lot of carbs in it. Cats are meat eaters. They need protein. Our big boy kitty used to be over 20lbs. Then we put him on a diet of wet food morning and evening and dry food for lunch. He lost 5lb in a year, has way more energy (to the annoyance of his sister) and is generally more healthy.

    1. Heck, forget the kitties! *I* may eat it! 🙂

      Cartilage Rich in Natural Glucosamine

      Just for this alone, I may well get a bag and see if Teh Kittens like it. Anything so that she doesn’t have to pause halfway up the stairs to rest her aching bones.

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