Communication Flubs – I had them yesterday

Dearest BFF — please to text me sometime today. Chattering needs to happen.


Walking in the garage sans shoes = bad idea. I have something embedded in my foot and I don’t know what it is, other than it is owwy.


We have to stage the house* for potential renters to come in and see if they want it. Yanno – so we won’t have to pay the dollars for rent during time we aren’t actually here.

I found out about the staging yesterday during Communication Flub With Mister Man. We need to have this done by day before yesterday, apparently. **

Which means that we have to get everything non-essential out of the house. Therefore, boxes and packing are a priority for me. I will be doing aught else for the next little bit (like you do when moving).

Additionally, if you have any of our tubs/lids for same — can we haz them back, please? I know Mister Man has said something. I’m just adding my $0.02 to the mix.

* speaking of which — The House with The PORCH is up for rental. It is way reasonable rent, beautiful house, beautiful backyard/porch, centrally located. *wavy desire hands* You know you want it.

** – soon as possible

16 thoughts on “Communication Flubs – I had them yesterday

      1. Re: I know, *GLEE!*

        That fast?

        I found your subdivision, it’s on the FAR side of kyle from me. So, like a mile or so. Maybe two.

      2. won’t you be….

        Indeed. We close on Wed, take keys then. Painting and moving and doo-dah all that following weekend.

        That far? :/ Thought it was closer.

        Ah, well. Still closer than now which qualifies as “neighbors” in my book.

      1. Weird. Got no texts from you and no notification from calendar. But, going to it I can see your acceptance.

        Veddy Strange, as the British would say.

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