Do you guys remember that that I punched myself in the face zipping a hoodie up, about five months ago?
Yes, I did.
Chipped m’tooth while I was at it.

I bring this up so that you all can ruminate on a story for me to tell the dentist tomorrow.
Because, I really don’t wanna say, “Awesome rack plus small hoodie equals front tooth chipped.”

Mostly because I don’t want him to be giggling when he’s doing dentisty things. That’s disturbing.

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16 thoughts on “Hey!

  1. If you’re gonna lie, go big, or go home. Make it the story he tells his family at dinner tonight, incredulously, and how it travels in his hall of fame of unusual dental repair reasons among his colleagues.

    Of course, make it an epic sex accident. He doesn’t have to know it’s not true if you can say it with a straight face.

    “And during foreplay, I had the gas powered lawn mower balanced on my chin, overhead – and it was going full blast, because we like it that way. And the aardvark is tossing full heads of lettuce up into the spinning blades just a few feet from my face, and…”

    Y’see? you don’t have to worry about the story, just tell it. And if he’s some kind of pervert and thinks aardvarks are out of place as lettuce tossers, you can substitute it with “chimpanzee” which is easier for the mind to relate, or “honey badger, crocodile, wombat…” or whatever.

  2. Is your dentist/the whole office super nice and good with scaredy people? I’m looking for rec’s of SUPER AWESOME dentists in the Austin area and am really coming up at a loss. :-/

    1. I am so sorry this took so long to respond to, apparently LJ has decided that I don’t need to steenkin’ notifications anymore.


      He seemed to be, yes. I am in Kyle though. If that is groovy — It is Kyle Dental, right next to the Super HEB on 1626.

      My last dentist was also super awesome, and he was in Austin: Dr. Larry Lindsay, off of Mopac.

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