Hey Brain!

Yeah, I’m talking to you.
No more glue-sniffing or whatever the fuck you’re doing when I am not looking.
Seriously. I dreamed about the goombahs from Jersey Shore repelling a zombie/alien attack all night. I don’t even watch the friggin’ show.
NO more of that, alright?

~The Mgmt

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9 thoughts on “Hey Brain!

      1. Re: I don’t even watch TV /plaintive

        I opted for a big mug of British-style tea this morning before biking off into the gray and wet.
        This was a tactical error. I’m wilting at the desk and making gray and brooding sketchbook pages. I need caffeine and sunshine to live, darnit. 🙂

      2. Re: I don’t even watch TV /plaintive

        British tea doesn’t have the correct amount of caffeine for gray and wet? Huh. You’d think they’d be experts on that sort of thing.

        Yeah. Much as I am gonna bitch about the sun/heat later….I am tired of gray and chilly.

      3. Re: I don’t even watch TV /plaintive

        I was really happy about the hot days on Friday and Saturday. I want them back now…just not tooooo hot.

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