{insert Expletive Here}

I don’t now which god of karma (you should pardon the pun) that I pissed off – but could somebody please point them out so that I can make the correct propitiation?

My goddamn car is DEAD. Actually what I should say is ANOTHER fucking car of mine is dead.

Let’s see…let’s count these up, shall we? Since December 2000.

1989 Toyota – electrical issues ($800 of them, thank you very much)
1982 Hyundai – bought it for $1000. Threw a rod on the way to DFW. Car dead.
1994 Toyota – just bought it. One week later I got smashed into on the lower deck of 35 in a hit and run. Car dead.
2000 Metro – won’t start, electrical problem. $580
2000 Metro — yes, the same car — a month later. Starts. Can’t get it out of Park. Transmission issue. And who knows how much that will cost.

I am going to be calm about this because getting angry will not accomplish anything. I think instead that I will go over to the park by J’s house this weekend (the middle of North Austin Suburbia Hell) and practice my whip. It will scare the locals, it will be violently energizing and I’ll feel tons better.

In the meantime….*deep breath* I shall persevere.
But, I’ll tell you what. This was the WRONG week for my boss to let me know that they are adding “customer tech support” to my job duties because of the Helpdesk overflow problem.
The WRONG week.

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