Saturday Was Bliss

I have so reached that “fuck off and die” head space with this job.
Mostly because I am not at all motivated to be here. I like a couple folks here but the majority are your basic middle-class value, Republican, white collar, sitcom watching people. Who have the idea that they are in all actuality Very Cool People ™.

At least this weekend I got to hang around the people that I love and never get to see — the people that I made my family so long ago. We laughed alot, we told stories on each other, we watched Eddie Izzard (pssbly the funniest comedi..hmm..comedianne? commediene?…the funniest transvestite I’ve seen ever). Hair brushing and back rubs commenced. Pizza and rum cake and queso/chips and gingerbread were eaten. There was much flirting and even the occasional kissing and nibbling (at least for me). All in all a fantastic-o Saturday.

5 thoughts on “Saturday Was Bliss

  1. Hey! I just wanted to let you know that I found your comment in my journal, and that you’ve been added to Viva La Diva. Enjoy and welcome!

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