6 thoughts on “

  1. *wink*

    There was a young woman from Venus
    *looks back* “huh” “whaddya mean I gotta stop?”
    *nods head* “okay, okay, don’t push it…”
    Sorry, have to stop now… guess they don’t like Venus poetry…

    There is a red planet called Mars
    *looks back again* “look y’all are startin’ to tick me off, whazza matter now!?” *listening* “alright, I said alright dammit!”
    Sorry again, they said Mars is too close to risk upsetting right now especially since Venus is not nearby…

    *sigh* no reply poem… sorry…

      1. ack…

        Austin is too far.

        Reality says, “No movie for joo!”

        Watch something silly for me…


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