Alrighty Then…Full Steam Ahead!

As I mentioned in my previous post – I am a complete insurance moron. I’ve never really had insurance as an adult so the whole process baffles me.
I was on the phone with the insurance Customer Care folks for Anthem BC/BS PPO and the surgeon I picked for most of the day today. It turns out that if I want this surgery to be paid for by my insurance carrier then I will have to have my surgery scheduled for/before August 29, 2004. That’s less than a month away. But after that, Anthem will not be paying for this type of surgery anymore.
I am of course, going for it. I have no idea if I can get all my little duckies in a row in time to get this surgery. But I cannot…I WILL not sit idly by and let this chance slip by. I feel that this is Deity talking to me – saying “Get up off that couch, Girl and get in motion!”

Wish me luck folks and pray for me. I’m gonna need it.

PS…Serendipitous note of interst: I chose my surgeon because he’s “in network” for my insurance plan and for his location – Dallas, which is close to my folks.
Turns out he is the doctor who performed the WLS on my Aunt Carol a year and a half ago. Yeah, the *very* aunt whose surgery inspired me to seek this out as a possibility.


6 thoughts on “Alrighty Then…Full Steam Ahead!

  1. I have to admit that I was dubious when I first heard about the surgery but two friends have had it with absolutely amazing results. So, good luck and good thoughts for you!

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