I am amused….

Mare: argle bargle

Mare: reading telnet traces is teh suck

Vulps:  Oops

Mare: hm?

Vulps:  the reading of telnet traces.

Vulps:  *feels pity for you*

Mare: yeah…*sizzling brain fry noises*

Vulps:  Oooh, lunch

Mare: fried brainmeats?

Vulps:  yummy

Mare: spicy?

Vulps:  tangy

Mare: “mmm, warm and tangy” just doesn’t have that Zombie Movie feel.

Vulps:  *laugh8 zombie meets food network ?

Mare: oo, can you imagine rachel ray as a zombie.

Mare: its not that far a stretch, actually.

Vulps:  *laugh8

Vulps:  she’s too perky for zombiedom

Mare: that’s the hallmark of any good undead

Mare: like cheerleaders and republicans

Mare: they’re always perky

Vulps:  Hmm, seems we watch different zombie flicks

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