Doctor Visit Today


With Monday’s fiasco effectively fucking* my hours for the week; I have worked 12’s for the past two days. I are tired of work. However due to doctor’s appt, I am only working til 2.30 today. Which means that if I don’t want my weekend to be eaten by work, I will have to work at least a 10 on Friday.


* – well, at least my hours are getting laid. I sure ain’t. Did I mention the unmitigated HATE I have for LDR’s? Not the fella. Just the fact that he is 1100 miles away. Its not like I can bop over for a snuggle anytime I feel like it.

15 thoughts on “Doctor Visit Today

  1. That picture looks like something out of The Matrix. It just needs 1s and 0s all over it.

    Sorry you’re getting frustrated….with multiple issues. Per’aps you could have Burt go to Florida, bop your bf on the head, and bring him back to TX?

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