. . . ???

So, Friday I go to register for a class. The ACC System decides that I need to be locked out (after several frustrating attempts to get the class registered).
I send off an email to the help desk asking “Dude, whut?”
And get one in response that says, “Tee hee. Locked out. Call help desk at ###-####.”
Fine, whatever. *dials*
“Tee Hee. Closed on weekends. Call back on Monday.”

… WHUT? Fine, whatever. Nothing I can do about it.

MONDAY: Get up, take Summer to school. Putter around waiting for 8 AM. Call the help center. *dials*

ACC AUTOMATED SYSTEM: Tee hee. High call volume.
ME: Whatever. *waits*
ACC AUTOMATED SYSTEM: You could email.
ME: Not so much. *waits*
ME: I’ll wait. *plays solitaire and waits*
ME: *dials*
ACC AUTOMATED SYSTEM: Tee hee. System down.
ME: o.0 *waits five minutes and DIALS THE FUCK AGAIN*
ACC AUTOMATED SYSTEM: Fine. You can get back in queue.
ME: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! *waits five more minutes and dials*
ACC AUTOMATED SYSTEM: Tee hee. High call volume. You are STILL 33rd in line, btw. You could email.
ME: Oh, fuck you bitch. I am definitely waiting now.
ACC AUTOMATED SYSTEM: 😦 *plays crappy music* You are now 29th in line. I hate you.
ME: I hate you too.

So, that’s how MY morning is going. Yours?

15 thoughts on “. . . ???

    1. 13th….

      Why would I do that? I have been registered since 2008. Unless there has been some sort of fanTAStical fuckup within the system?

      *grinds teeth in frustration*

      1. Re: 13th….

        They told me their audit department requests updated forms at the drop of a hat.

        Since I don’t take a class every semester, I’ve had to do one every single time, even though I haven’t moved in years. I just have to include time for that asshattery in my registration planning.

        Some level of ACC thinks they will keep costs down by weeding out people who aren’t in their tax base. Actually, more likely, someone above them thinks it would save money, and no amount of reason will convince them otherwise.

    1. 🙂 Thankees. I was pretty pissed at the time but looking back at it, the Comedy O’Errors (because of COURSE more happened) is pretty funny.

  1. The only thing that could have made this worse for you would have been to have all of this take place on an AT&T cell phone. AT&T: You really didn’t need to make this phone call, did you? Yes? Too bad! *click*

    I hope you’re able to get through and get done what needs to happen. This begs the question: what kind of frakking idiot makes registration go live on a weekend when no one’s around to take care of it if things go to hell in a handbasket?

    1. Heh, thanks.

      For the record, it was Spider Solitaire. Always good for wasting time whilst on hold. It’s engaging but you can always drop it to do something else.

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