Por Favor?

There will be dancing later this evening. Oh, yes there will.

I will be in Pffflugerville til 730 or so. Does anyone have anywhere that I can don my geek-to-goth chrysalis?
Unfortunately, I am not Superman and cannot use a teeny phone booth and insta-change into costume and tights. And I sure as heck don’t want to drive all the way back out to Kyle then back into downtown.


7 thoughts on “Por Favor?

  1. You can come over here. Text me if you need the address & directions. We’re not that far from Pflugerville.

    (Disregard if the sight of cattle gets you hysterical, there’s no way to get there without passing at least 1 herd of them.)

    OTOH, we’re probably not in the right direction. But, we’re still near Pflugerville and you’d be welcome.

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