I’m a redhead again. It was an accident though. I was aiming for a mahogany. Apparently the spirits decided that I look better with dark red hair with copper streaks. Its kinda cool looking; I may or may not keep it. If someone comes up with a digital camera – I’ll post piccies.


The hair dyeing was in celebration of paying off massage school today. I paid them off and took all my paperwork over to the Dept of Health offices. Whoohoo! If all goes according to my plan, I shall be a legal massage therapist in about 3-4 weeks. AND hopefully will get to take the boards in January as I first hoped. *sproing!*
Physically, I am feeling better. I think I could do 3 massages a day now. I’ll have to see. Any volunteers? *laugh*

I am SO looking forward to being able to contribute in a financial manner to this household. I hate feeling useless. And since my surgery, that’s what I’ve felt. Not terribly useful. I know its mostly in my head but there you go.


Sprang a surprise on the kitties by giving them gooshy-food (as my favorite online cats call it). Little did they know it had their medicines and such in it. They sucked up their Fancy Feast like there was no tomorrow. Greedy buggers.

Tomorrow I’m supposed to take the Girlie rollerskating. She’s never skated and I don’t think I have in about 15 or more years. Hopefully, my ankles won’t snap under me. Other than limb-fear, I am looking forward to the excursion. If I could I’d dress us in matching roller-derby outfits. But I don’t have any pink satin.

5 thoughts on “Red

  1. {grin} Congratulations! By the way, will be taking the Texas boards in January, too. We need to start looking in to what he needs to brush up on.

    1. Yup. They remind me of my own two cat-loafs, Macha and Senor Grumpy. (you must say his name with a bad Speedy Gonzales accent in order to fully grok Grumpy’s name)

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