Home is the word you sigh in your heart. Its the place where the people there know what comfort foods you like and the best hairbrushes for making the headaches go away. Home knows all your in-jokes and laughs at the stupid one-liners you pop off with. Sometimes, its a place of hurting and grief. But overall, Home is where your heart lives in contentment.

Home has the best coffee.


Talked to Mom on the phone for, oh good God…must’ve been an hour and a half. Not much, you know-hugely important, but good catch up. Bro and SIL are checking on their upcoming baby’s gender. I am not surprised. They’re both extremely organized people & would want to make appropriate plans. I think they’re going to be very good parents. I am also thrilled that the folks are getting a grandbaby closer to where they are. I feel the Girl is missing out on a lot, not getting to see her Nonni and Poppy. I know they miss her, too.

We are moving in just a few weeks. Our official move out date for the apartments is 2/26/2006 – but we are going to start taking over non-essential stuff in the next week or two. We just have waaaaaaay too much stuff. We are hoping to have movers for the large stuff like the OG chest, the entertainment center, the 90 metric tons of books and the other 90 metric tons of cooking gear. C and I are both cooks – good ones, too! – and between us we have enough gear to furnish a small restaurant. Twice.

The kitties, Macha and Grumpicus will become indoor/outdoor kitties. Grumps is already mostly an outdoor sort, anyhoo. Macha however…well, we’re going to have to get a dog door just so she can squeeze her fat butt outside.

All of us have been fighting a rather nasty cold. Allergies set it off but it developed into something with a bit more bite. I thought I had the sucker licked but then the Girl came down with it and in turn re-infected me. Blech….I must’ve taken over 2500 mgs of Vitamin C today. Hopefully, that will kill whatever evil germs that are causing me to be a mucous factory.

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    1. I am going to be extra cautious with them. Macha is pretty much a homebody and will only go outside for ‘bidness’. Grumpicus is a bit more of a wanderer. But, I am going to feel tons more comfortable about him wandering around a neighborhood than in the apartment complex right next to a very busy street.

  1. “J” sez…

    -Of course it will be the garage that needs to be emptied first, as our other roomie needs to reach her stuff in plenty of time to sort out what needs to go to Goodwill and such, but then the “Giant Van of DOOM” will easily handle that..! Then there will be the shelves, oodles and oodles of them to line the walls of the new place with, broken mostly by doorways and artwork. I just hope the painting is done in time for all that to happen, though I am really looking forward to the castle theme…

    1. Re: “J” sez…

      We have to do the painting for the castle theme. They’re just getting the walls ready for us.

      But yeah, I am looking forward to a much larger place with space for everyone and everything.

  2. mmm, mucous factory

    As long as a walking path gets cleared in the garage before the last minute, I will be a happy girl…need to get stuff to Goodwill/to friends to get sold on Ebay before I end up taking it all with me again.

    CUTE girliness! Thank you!

  3. A variety of reasons. The top two are – Grumpy likes being indoor/outdoor. He is unhappy cooped up inside. Macha doesn’t like to wander but she enjoys the occasional perching on the patio, peering at the grass, pretending to be a panther.

  4. The new Owens Baby!

    Hi Bonnie. Daniel and I are having a BOY! We had the sonogram this morning and the Doctor said that everything looks perfect, no defects of any kind. He will be joining our clan somewhere around the 12th of June. I cannot wait to meet him. We love you and give Summer smooches from us.

    1. Re: The new Owens Baby!

      Hey there! 🙂 I tried to send Danny a bday card but the email bounced back. But what a wonderful present for him — to find out his son is on the way. Wonderful news, indeed!

      We’re planning on coming up near Easter and saying howdy to everyone. Where are you guys registered? send the response to my triplemare@yahoo.com address

      Congratulations, doll. I am soooo happy for you guys.

  5. If you’re going with a castle theme, maybe you could make Summer’s room into the moat. She could be the “moat monster” like in a Piers Anthony Xanth novel. Paint some fish on the wall, maybe some seaweed, and all that.

    She always reminds me of one of the covers to a Xanth novel that has a little girl walking down a path.

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