Well, looks like I am never getting my triplemare yahoo account back. Whatever happened – or whoever, I guess I should say — they’ve totally hijacked the account. All the details that I would use to retrieve my account – ZIP code, personal question, etc. – have been changed.


So goodbye triplemare. It was a good 9+ years.

In related news, I am now looking to create a new (probably Yahoo, although I am bit leary of them right now) email account.

If you want me to add your name to my address book lemme know. Also, if you want me to add you to my IM list, let me know.

You can email me privately or post here – either way. 😀

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  1. Well that sucks! Bah. There seems to be a lot of account hijacking going on lately. Wonder if there’s any common connections involved, somewhere.

  2. Yaboo

    Please accept my condolences on the loss of your account. It screws with you more than it seems it should. I’ve dealt with the same and I secretly wish for Yahoo to be deleted in the same manner.


  3. I can’t believe that the fact that you could verify all the details prior to their very recent change isn’t enough for them to agree that the account had been hijacked. You know more geeks than I do, but I’l promptly get on making sure they get as much free offer and porn spams as possible. I’ll give their details to “PayPal”, I’ll give them an account on Adultfriendfinders that would make their mother disown them. Spread the word. Fuckers.

    You might want to consider 2 email accounts this time – maybe keep your important personal stuff in the other (sub mails and the like) and regular banter in the Yahoo one.
    Good new handle, though. 🙂

  4. You and I are in the same boat, and Yahoo did not respond to my tech support questions at all. My feeling is that I don’t want another Yahoo account, period, ever.

    *sigh* Time to go figure out the Gmail, I guess…

  5. “J” sez…

    (Big Giant Warm Hugs for Bon) Call it the chance for a new beginning, the Fates giving you a nudge, or Karma pointing you in a new direction. In any case, I will do anything I can to help you through this transition, and hope the very best from it for you…

    1. stuff

      Oh, I don’t know. I am toying with the idea that we add the old highjacked email addy to every awful site and spam page we know of, along with a little note letting them know they are useless pieces of poo for doing that…(as opposed to the usefull pieces of poo?)

      I was actually talking to someone about this VERY subject, and how the pay emails accounts will actually offer to buy your addresses if the name is something popular. That led to the fact that the free ones that we have had for YEARS could simply drop us at any time.

      Creepy thoughts.

      The fact that you got know response from yahoo is the part that ticks me off the most.


      1. Re: stuff

        And when I say “know” response, I of course mean it is much to early for coherent thought right now…

      2. Re: stuff


        Apparently the family has been sending whoever said hijacker is some very nasty email and IM’s.
        Usually in 72 pt fonts and with as many “buzzes” and emoticons as possible.

        I *almost* feel sorry for them.

        but then I get over it.

        I got that accont right after you and I started dating, do you remember? Loooong time.

        Dear gods…I’ve known you almost 10 years.

        *faint, thud*

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