To Do or Not To Do….

Ow…ow…and oh, yeah. Fucking OW!

I am not as young as I once was, apparently. Sleeping on a 30-year old mattress on the floor without benefit of either frame or box springs (or comfy boy-types) has torqued my poor back into new and interesting shapes. I desperately need a massage. Does anyone want to trade a massage for a poor, sore girl for say ..some home cooking? I’m a terrific cook, actually.
Things that I need to accomplish :

>> Must open tents and assess any damage that may be done to them
>> 2nd ed. DnD game Friday night
>> LOL, DnD game Saturday morning
>> Vacuum
>> Put away laundry (S’s mostly)
>> Print papers to take with me Friday night
>> Move meeting with developer
>> Update personal calendar
>> With that in mind, contact friends and verify my whens/wheres/whats & with who’s
>> ALSO, ***Find out who is going to AnimeFest and see who wants to split costs ***
>> Finish organizing jewelry (hang the necklaces, find something creative to do with the earrings)
>> Must also clean some of said jewelry
>> Gather up the SafePlace pile and get it to them
>> *yawn*
>> Email S’s teacher about summer school
>> Finish test cases for both platforms
>> Do something about cell phone – either new battery or new cheapo phone
>> Cull S’s clothes and determine what she can wear over the summer break
>> Find a massage therapist willing to trade
>> Put together supplement/vitamin plan and menu
>> Put together ideas about how to get more consistent excercise into my life
>> Call M. and see if he wants to hang this weekend — maybe dancing or wings?
>> Contact Y and P to see if they want to do dinner sometime next week
>> Start pricing power supplies – mine cannot handle my HDD and I am running out of space
>> Fix the zipper on my luggage
>> Bathe Macha
>> afterwards, dress wounds
>> Dinner tonight — quiche Lorraine or pot pie? Hmmm….

I’ll just continue to add to this today as I think of more things I need to do.

2 thoughts on “To Do or Not To Do….

  1. Saturday morning game we’re all meeting up between 9AM and 10AM at Dagan’s place, and playing until we feel like stopping, or people need to go elsewhere. Make a 5th level character for 3.5 edition. If you don’t have the books, then do the following, and we’ll finish things out real quick when you get to the game.
    – Roll stats. (4D6, drop lowest. Reroll 1s. If you choose to, you can make one stat an 18, but one other stat has to be an 8.)
    – Pick a race/class combo.
    – Come up with a generic list of equipment that you would be packing.
    – list three minor magic items you’re interested in, and I’ll issue at least one of them to you.
    – Practice saying “badger” a lot.

    Can’t help you with the back issues, but I would reccomend sleeping on the floor, flat on your back for a night. I used to get really sore from my bed I had in the army, and that’s what I’d do. It really helped me out.

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