Have y’all seen my brain?

I hope you folks feel lucky. I almost titled this one “My Poe, Poe Brain”



Pretty sure I left it here, somewhere.

Probably under the pile of library books about Poe, by Poe, by people who like/hate/worship/wish to toss Poe down a well.

Guess what my research project and presentation is over?

I suppose I should quit whining about it.1

Being a 40+ year old, female survivor of the Goth wars, of course I love me some Poe. I do think that in many2 ways he was a sick man. Didn’t detract from his writing, however. Like so many geniuses, he skated on the supremely thin ice of sanity. Fortunately for him, whenever his foot popped through, he found new words.

1 – See what  I did there?
2 – many ∞

5 thoughts on “Have y’all seen my brain?

  1. Love the meme photos! Farking high-larious! Poaching. Stop whining, put on your black nail polish, and listen to some Sisters. You can channel Poe without using your brain if you go about it that.

  2. Are you going to revoke my goth cred if I tell you I hate Poe? *ducks*

    Seriously. Too many butchered “The Raven” interpretations during high school speech tournaments and now my ears bleed whenever I hear “Nevermore”.

    1. “The Raven” is one of my least favorite by him. Mostly from overplay, as you say.

      The paper is over “The Fall of the House of Usher” as an allegory for Poe’s own life.

      No Poe, know sunshine. Know Poe, no sunshine.
      Goth creds are not revoked but certainly docked. ;D Of course, you can take that with whatever pillar of Mrs. Lot you require. I *am* tying Poe and Hee-Haw together, after all.

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