Schedule Foo

Coming in for the homestretch for this semester.

I have just a couple of papers left in one class. Both of them are essentially reworkings of the same paper. Plus a final – which is a reworking of the midterm.
And one final exam in Adolescent Psychology. After that, it is a week or two off before Summer I starts.

Or at least, I hope I will be able to attend Summer I/II. Due to a mix-up at my old college, my transcript wasn’t sent correctly. I had a hold on my account that I didn’t even know about. I got it worked out but Summer registration is currently closed. Therefore, I am running behind in the registration biz.

At least I got Fall semester set. I just spent the better part of three hours working out that schedule. It has my needed classes, that doesn’t overlap, that is all on one campus. I spent much of my time this past semester making a 120-mile roundtrip to another campus for *one* class. No more of that, please.

I’m registered for sixteen hours. Spanish, Technical Writing, Writing for the Computer Industry, Forensic Psychology, and Mythology.
Should be a fun semester.

10 thoughts on “Schedule Foo

      1. Yup. More than just a little awesome. Hopefully they’re still offering it when I get there.

  1. LOVE this! I know, total stranger reading your bog, and ewwww potential creepy. But hey it’s a blog. And I’m not creepy so you take that thought bck right now. I’ll wait….

    … OK we’re good.

    I too have resumed college so I’m stoked to see others do it too. I’ve resumed grad school and had this experience with getting transcripts. It wasn’t even the end of the story. Anyway, I hope it all goes well. I for one am scared out of my mind.

      1. Tell me about it! I’ve been kind of “practicing” to get my head in the right place. I’ll be working on a MS in Software Engineering from CSU Fullerton. I’m excited about it being part of the CS dept and that the instructors and students seem passionate about it. The downside is that my grrrrrrrls know that Daddy won’t be playing with them as much and they are already grumpy about that idea. Me too to be honest.

      2. You’re certainly braver than I!
        I like computers and science and such. But only from an ‘end user’ sort of place. Masters of Science is a whoooooooooooole lotta math. ::jibblies::

      3. I was never very good at math. That’s a nice way of saying I am Freaking Horrible and had to take Trigonometry three times because I flunked it so often. So yay. And yeah I totally work in scary computery stuff and am delighted to be the stupidest guy in the room.

        Sigh. OK, the degree program is as much about writing code as it is managing software projects or management of IT departments. So some will be all businessy. And I can’t bear the thought of not wearing my Good Crocks to work because I had to wear a stupid tie. Although I do have some cool ties. I just hate wearing them. HOW MESSED UP IS THAT?

        I had a point. Where did I put that thing?


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