The Real Superheroes

Good morning readers.



Yesterday I was going to put up some Marvel Superhero Classic RPG characters of mine. I had been chatting with a friend, discussing how characters look different through the lens of puberty. I had offered to show her some of mine as I had been gaming for nigh-thirty years. Watching them shift from power builds to role-play builds (and the ones I have had continuously through those years got more Kleenex-driven as I aged) was interesting.


However, I got sidetracked by all the political brouhaha that was happening around the SCOTUS decision vis-à-vis Hobby Lobby.


To be clear, I am NOT a particularly political person. And this is most definitely not a political blog. I know what my feelings are on a given subject, but I cannot discuss with any degree of competence the intricacies of American political structure.

That being said, what SCOTUS did was absolute and utter bullshit. Not only have they1 again decided that “Welp, them wimmens shore don’t know a thang ‘bout whut their bodies do. Let’s thank for ‘em,”2 but they have opened the floodgates for other less-ethical Big Business3 to use this loophole (and find $deity!) to make their bottom lines look better.

In frighteningly predictable manner, the public female figures who have spoken out against the decision have been harassed, called ‘whores’ or worse, and just in general made to feel less than human. Apparently 4,  women wanting some kind of control over their own bodies, their own reproductive rights, and the ability to say “no” to men is seen by some as an affront. No, I’m not going link any of that here, because ew. I don’t want to spread the hate that seems to be flowing from people who claim they believe in a loving $deity.

Instead, I am going to link to some awesome women who are politically savvy.  May I recommend Jessica Valenti, Ebony Stewart, Amanda Marcotte, Rachel Maddow,  Mikki Kendall as well as many others?  They rock, they talk, and they’re not afraid to tell you like it is. 


Find joy in your life. Live your life. Don’t give in to bullshit, don’t give in to hate. We have too little time to fuck around with being hateful.








1– Our government – and more explicitly, the male GOP section of our government – seems determined to set back human rights to a more feudal age.

2 – With apologies to all people of fantastic intelligence who speak in this manner; I’m sure that there are a couple of you. My upbringing around rural Texas indicates otherwise, but I am surely not an expert.  

3Hoohahahahaha, bwahahahah, *snortGASP* hahahahahaha! “Ethical Big Business!”  Hahahahahahahahaaaaaaaa!

4 – From antecdotal evidence seen on my Twitter feed and in oh, EVERY comments section dealing with these issues, ever. 

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