To Run or Not to Run…That WAS The Question


As you may remember, I picked up running earlier this summer.  I have largely hated it, but I was told that it would grow on me. That it would be fun. That it would be uplifting. That the runner’s high would kick in and I would find I actually for real and for true, love it.


Actually, that isn’t true. They aren’t lying. Their experience tells them that what they were telling me was the honest-to-goodness truth. For them, running is this almost religious experience. A way to connect to the temple of their body.

Pictured: The temple of my body

Unfortunately, the temple of MY body is apparently dedicated to the Laughing Buddha, who is FAR more interested in happiness than any particular form of exercise.  I never, ever got to the place where running gave me anything but aches and pains. I liked what it was doing for my body in terms of toning, endurance and fat loss. But I would often spend the rest of that day in a considerable amount of discomfort.

I thought all was pretty much lost. And I was actually bummed about this. Because I really, really want to do better by my body. Its given me 41 years of pretty good service, in spite of the –ahem– trials I may have put it through. I’d like to make sure the next 41 or so are healthier. Or at the very least, treat it less like a no-tell motel and more like an actual temple.

Then I found out about speed-walking.  I gotta admit…I was a touch skeptical at first. How could walking compare to running?  Well, if the way I sweat and blow like a winded horse are any indication – none too shabbily.  I have been doing the speed walking thing for the last few runs. And I gotta say, creaky joints or not, I am in far less pain coming in from a run than before.

Not having to gobble Advil like they’re candy = WIN!
Less overall damage to my poor joints is also major win. The longer I can put off the total knee replacement – the better.

For the curious: I am still using a C25K program. I have downloaded and have started using Podrunner: Intervals as my music of choice.  The higher BMP (as compared to the music I had been using) means that even at a ‘walking’ pace, I am getting a better workout. For example, Week 1 Day 1’s BMP and playlist looks like this:


5-minute warmup @ 128 BPM
60 seconds @ 142 BPM
90 seconds @ 128 BPM
60 seconds @ 142 BPM
90 seconds @ 128 BPM
60 seconds @ 142 BPM
95 seconds @ 128 BPM
65 seconds @ 142 BPM
95 seconds @ 128 BPM
65 seconds @ 142 BPM
90 seconds @ 128 BPM
65 seconds @ 142 BPM
90 seconds @ 128 BPM
60 seconds @ 142 BPM
95 seconds @ 128 BPM
65 seconds @ 142 BPM
3-minute cooldown @ 128 BPM




01. Antix – Forever Changing – Vibrasphere Remix
02. Liquid Soul – I Get a Rush
03. Fernandro Gullon – Piedras
04. Beat Bizarre – Error
05. Perfect Stranger – Diamond in the Rough (Perfect Stranger Edit)
06. Invertika – Momentum
07. Tristaum – Shiver (Therm’s Trippy Mix)
08. Sterio, McGrath – Gulfcoast (Mike Brin Remix)
09. Da’Others – Tribal Man (Da’Others Edit)
10. Cafu – Vista Style (Original Mix)
11. Ron Carroll – Making Love (Richie Heller Mix)
12. Chadwick Strange – Conducive (Recursive Remix)
13. Behind Blue Eyes – Shadow Environment (Original Mix)
14. Casa Flava – De Moma De (Dust To Dust Mix)


I will continue to find new and fun ways to exercise. Later today will be yoga. Tomorrow will be some interval strength training. And maybe more yoga. Somebody once told me that yoga is best practiced daily. 🙂

3 thoughts on “To Run or Not to Run…That WAS The Question

  1. It still takes time. I’m unsure how long you were running or for what distance but doing enough to get benefit without having yourself sore for the rest of the day is probably best. Same holds true for yoga. If you push too far and don’t know your limits you can hurt for days.

    I think that exercise should ideally make you feel good while you do it. If that’s dancing then that should be what you do. I’d hate to think someone did yoga just because it was good for them and all the while they daydreamed about tango.

    Good luck!

  2. Robert,

    Right now, my knees and I can tolerate about 2 – 2 1/2 miles. Yoga stretches to warm up, yoga stretches in the evening to work the kinks (out of body and mind) before bed. Probably a total of 30 minutes total, per day right now. If it gets to the place where I am sleepwalking through the poses, then I will add more.

    I do feel good while I am doing yoga, just like I feel good when I am speeding along my route. Oh, I’m not all ‘tra-la-la-la’ or Disney critters joining in for a chorus while I do downward dog, but
    I do feel like I am friendly with my body* and treating it better. Knowing where things are and how they’re supposed to feel is a big step in that.
    “Oh, wait – you mean that I’m NOT supposed to be hunched over like a computer troll? Who knew?” ;D

    * – as opposed to the wary distrust of before.

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