This is not a real post.  If this had been a real post, there’d be more than an amusing (to me, at least) video game incident. I will post for really-reals tomorrow.

That being said, ~ahem~ this will probably only make sense if you’ve played Skyrim.

I’ve been playing Skyrim. It is lovely and fun and huge. I’m mid-range level now, about 36 or so. My character is an archer, with a Sneak skill of 100 and an Archery skill of about 92. This pretty much means I can ‘hide’ during broad, daylight combat and kill you in one blow.


On top of all this, I decided to follow the Enchanter’s skill tree – because cheap, magical weapons and armor, that’s why.


I, just now, walking out of a taproom, got challenged by a wizard to combat. Being the sane, nice character that I am, I tried to gently warn him.  He responded with “I won’t take NO for answer!” and zotted me with electricity.


In response, I pulled out my bow and shot him. He didn’t die immediately – he had time to cry “This is a wizard’s duel, you’re supposed to use magic!”

Now, of course, I cannot respond in game because our technology isn’t up that sort of snuff, yet. But, had I been able to – my response would have been:

“I am using magic, moron. I’m an enchanter. I made the bow that is going to put your sorry ass down.”

One thought on “*snerk*

  1. Outstanding. None of my skills are at 100 (yet: destruction 87) but I can sneak (78) up on your ass and take you down with a double firebolt with no trouble whatsoever. Well, maybe not YOU, but you know what I mean. Now if I can just get that ebony smithing perk.

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